Audit Compliance Readinesss Checklisk
17 December 2021

What is a compliance audit? A compliance audit is a systematic examination of a company’s conformity to certain benchmarks established by a regulatory authority. An auditing team conducts compliant audits to assist the organisation in standardizing procedures, identifying organizational gaps, and mitigating risks. Compliant audits are essential for businesses to...

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The ultimate construction site Christmas shutdown checklist
30 November 2021

With Christmas just around the corner (25 days or 600 hours), it's time to be festive and start thinking of gifts, food, sparkly lights and that all important Christmas work party that we all love. Sadly, not for managers including site managers and HSE managers.  We close our business at...

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How to choose the right COSHH cabinet
29 October 2021

The types of hazardous substances that are used and stored on site can greatly vary between industries. Any workplace that handles or stores substances that may cause hazards to health are required to use a COSHH cabinet. If you wish to stay in compliance with COSHH safety regulations, you must...

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Winter Preparation Checklist for your Business
11 October 2021

Winter Preparation Checklist for your Business We often underestimate how cold it can get in the UK during the winter months and overlook but there are other factors to consider too including wind, precipitation, humidity, lighting, storms and even darkness. Businesses often overlook the modest things that may make winters...

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How to prevent spills in the workplace
13 September 2021

Hazardous substances are often dangerous if not stored or handled properly. Many businesses across all industries use these substances and should follow the COSHH (The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations to help protect employees and the environment. If hazardous substances if not stored and handled properly they can...

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An Essential Guide to a Safe Working Environment
6 August 2021

Employees and employers alike require a safe working environment. Regardless of the company’s size, workplace safety is critical and must be included into the workplaces of all businesses. Employees are kept safe, and industrial equipment is protected, if well-implemented safety measures are taken. Employers have an obligation and duty to...

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Are you using your spill kit correctly?
9 July 2021

Spill’s, both big and small can happen when we least expect it. However, having the appropriate emergency spill kit on hand will help you clean up a spill effectively and prevent serious safety or environmental damages. What is a spill kit? If you operate in an environment where hazardous substances...

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The 15 Steps to Storing Hazardous Substances Correctly
15 June 2021

Safe storage of hazardous substances is crucial if you want to remain compliant with COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) safety legislation.   What is a hazardous substance? A hazardous substance can avail many property types including flammability, explosiveness, corrosiveness, or toxicity. The most common form of hazardous substances...

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Simple Guide on Secondary Containment
18 May 2021

There is often a lot of confusion around secondary containment. Secondary containment is a second line of defence used to avoid, monitor, or mitigate major hazardous incidents. The big question is however, does your liquid storage comply with regulations? Below we will cover the basic information on secondary containment requirements...

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Seven Steps To Spill Response
19 April 2021

Seven Steps to Spill Response Every facility should have an effective spill response program in place to ensure no damage is caused to the environment. Clean up or pay up. Stocking the appropriate spill response equipment and providing your staff with comprehensive training will ensure you are spill-ready. Having the...

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Thank You NHS & Key Workers
1 October 2020

Over the last number of months we have witnessed employees across the NHS and other key workers being under intense pressure. Working hard from minute to minute, hour by hour, making sure patients are cared for in the best possible way, and we are immensely grateful for that. We have...

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26 May 2020

Hyde Park is pleased to introduce our range of Covid-19 Back to work essentials.  The range includes alcohol gel sanitiser stations, nitrile gloves, face masks and much more!  Please click here to download the brochure and view the whole range.  Stay safe and take care!

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