Flood & leak prevention tips for your business
8 February 2023

The United Kingdom is used to frequent rainfall, and in recent years we have experienced persistent heavy rain, storms and flooding. Now, the UK Met Office is predicting that England is again set to experience severe flooding in February 2023. These end of winter floods would be a result of...

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How To Mitigate Risk From Snow and Ice
20 December 2022

In the UK, heavy snow and prolonged cold snaps are relatively rare but, as a result, when it does happen, we tend to find ourselves unprepared and exposed to the damage of the elements. Snow and ice can wreak havoc on pavements, car parks and other areas surrounding your facility...

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Secondary containment regulations & Spill Control UK
23 November 2022

It is a legal requirement in the UK to have adequate secondary containment and spill control in place. Currently the Control of Pollution (Storage) Regulations (2001) apply in England, and there is broadly similar legislation in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Do the regulations apply to you? Dangerous materials such...

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Types of safety signs explained
31 October 2022

dangers to workers. Employers are responsible for providing safety signs in the workplace if there is a significant risk that can’t be avoided or controlled in any other way. If this is news to you then this is a sign to keep on reading. What are safety signs? Safety signs...

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Simple tips for Safety in the manufacturing industry
8 September 2022

The UK manufacturing industry employees millions of workers each year. While many of these workplaces offer a safe work environment, others do not. In fact, there are an average of 22 worker deaths per year in this sector. The reality is that the manufacturing environments are inherently dangerous. However, there...

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Warehouse Health and Safety: Tips for Managing Risk
29 July 2022

Warehousing and storage is a hazardous industry, as the work creates unique health and safety hazards that must be properly identified and managed in order to prevent harm. This means warehouse health and safety should be top priority for any business in this sector. According to The Health and Safety...

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Do my employees need spill kit training?
22 July 2022

Workplace spills, leaks and overflows are unfortunately a common occurrence in many organisations. Not only can they be costly to a business in terms of damage and downtime, but they can also pose a risk to employee health and safety in the form of trips & falls, severe illnesses and...

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Spill Kit PPE: Everything you need to know
27 June 2022

When a spill occurs, emergency responders have to make rapid decisions and take immediate action so it is essential that they are properly protected from hazards and trained on various aspects of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that they will wear.    PPE is designed to help keep you safe...

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Chemical spills procedure: A guide
19 May 2022

Careful chemical handling and chemical storage protocols in place will significantly reduce the occurrence of leaks and spills. However accidents do occur, so it is important to have a chemical spills procedure in place in the event of an accident. To help you establish a chemical spills procedure, we’ve pulled...

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Employers responsibilities for PPE is changing
23 March 2022

From 6th April 2022 employers' responsibilities for PPE are changing. As a result of these changes duties will remain the same. However, obligations are now extended to protect more workers. This will likely have a significant effect on costs and resourcing for many employers who may be affected. Keep reading...

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What Is Secondary Containment?
15 February 2022

Secondary containment can come in many different forms, it is typically used on-site as a second line of defence in the event of the primary container of a hazardous substance failing. It is intended to prevent, control or mitigate major hazards.    Accidents happen - having the right spill containment...

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Audit Compliance Readinesss Checklisk
17 December 2021

What is a compliance audit? A compliance audit is a systematic examination of a company’s conformity to certain benchmarks established by a regulatory authority. An auditing team conducts compliant audits to assist the organisation in standardizing procedures, identifying organizational gaps, and mitigating risks. Compliant audits are essential for businesses to...

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