Use our 4 top tips to help banish spills on your site forever!


  • Educate Your Staff - It's one thing having the right spill kits and absorbents on site, but do your employees know how and when to use them? Are their behaviours appropriate, in helping prevent spills as much as possible? If not, spill control education may be required. At Hyde Park we provide three tiers of spill training tailored to each individual company, going from Bronze right up to Gold tiered training! Each staff member will know the correct procedures to ensure proper actions are put in place in the event of a spill.


  • Understand What Is At Stake - While it may only be 1 litre here, and 1 litre there,  each small oil spill can add up to a costly amount! Not only this, staff members must consider costs of clean-up materials, and resulting costs of their time spent cleaning it up - Time which may have been better spent elsewhere. Not to mention risks to health and safety, with potential slips and falls. Only when all factors have been considered will a company achieve maximum motivation to prevent spills from occurring.


  • Don't Make It A Habit! - In some work places, spills are almost accepted as a daily occurrence, and therefore staff never question what they can do differently. One way to prevent it from getting this way, is making it more obvious that a spill has occurred. Keeping the workplace clean and tidy means a spill is more likely to be immediately noticed, and appropriately cleaned up by those responsible. This can prevent years of grime building up, masking spills even further!


  • Comply with Legislation - Environmental legislation says that all oil stored on site must be contained on bunding which can hold 110% of the contents, to allow adequate capacity if a spill occurs. Having the oil contained in such a way means spill clean up is much quicker and easier, and prevents the spill from causing further damage to drains and other property. Similarly, having adequate clean-up materials on site is essential - whether this be a pack of absorbents, some socks, or a marine boom for spills occurring in water. Better safe than sorry...


Contact the  team for any further questions, or to help you banish spills forever!