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Chanel leaks in the right direction to ensure no damage to your stock or machinery, and minimise the risk of slips, trips and falls in your workplace.

For use in operational temperatures of minus 20°C to 92°C. Flame retardant to BS5438 Standards. 

  • Hangs easily in problem spots to catch nuisance leaks and channel them to a floor drain or collection container
  • Ideal for quick response to avoid downtime after a roof leak or for long-term prevention in leak-prone areas
  • The nonpermeable tarp is vinyl coated for strength and durability; resists punctures, UV and mildew for long life
  • Pinched corners help funnel liquid toward centre for better drainage
  • Accepts a standard 3/4" hose connection to channel liquid to floor drain or collection container (hose sold separately)
  • Flow rate of 12.6-litres per minute when used with a 1/2" ID hose
  • Grommets resist tearing and make installation easy

Technical Specification
Colour White
Dimensions 1mtr x 1mtr