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Fed up of walking endless miles around your site? Introducing our new E-Scooter, an environmentally friendly solution to your problem, perfect for daily commute around your site.

Our premium scooter is lightweight, portable, and highly beneficial to the environment.  

Benefits & Features of our scooter;

  • 10" Pneumatic Tires
  • Electric Brake + Mechanical Brake
  • Built-In Front LED Lights + Rear Safe Light
  • 36v Battery 10AH 
  • 5 Hours Charging Time 
  • 350 Watt Motor/ Max. Power 500W
  • 21.7 miles (35km) per charge
  • 15.5 mph (25km/h) Top Speed
  • Weight - 17.69 Kg's
  • Max Rider Weight - 265LBS

Technical Specification