Spill kits are in place, all good thanks.  I particularly like the 45ltr bag versions.  Very handy bits of kit!

Moog Aerospace, Reading

Everything is in order and I am very happy the products. I will gladly re-order from you in the future.

Pharmaceutical Company, Dublin

I’ve had a site visit from Hyde Park group and have sampled some environmental products. The products are better quality than what we are using at the moment and are considerably cheaper.

S. Norton & Co, Manchester

We thank you for the introduction to your products and look forward to an on going relationship

Workwear/Linen Rental Co.

I would like to thank you for your persistence in getting me to pursue the use of this product and will continue to use your products in other areas of the mill

Paper Mill Scotland

We are looking for areas to use some of your other products

Brickworks Kingscourt

We will continue to utilize your products and will recommend their usage with complete confidence

University, Limerick

HydePark have developed a product range and level of service which I believe to be unparalleled in the market… The integrity and honesty of the staff employed by Hyde Park Environmental is beyond question.

County Council (Fleet Maintenance)