Spill’s, both big and small can happen when we least expect it. However, having the appropriate emergency spill kit on hand will help you clean up a spill effectively and prevent serious safety or environmental damages.

What is a spill kit?

If you operate in an environment where hazardous substances are present, you are responsible for any leak or spill that occurs.

In the event of a spill, it is crucial that the area is cleaned up quickly and thoroughly. A spill kit is a cleaning kit that has been created for use in the clean-up operation and is both efficient and cost-effective.

It is a legal necessity in some areas, to have a spill kit on hand. It is also an important element of your company’s safety and environmental protocols for dealing with potentially hazardous liquids.

How is your spill kit affecting your response to a spill?

Some of the most common mistakes that can affect the use of your spill kit in the event of a spill include:

  1. Spill kits are not waste bins.

Spill kits on site have been used as a waste bin. This is a common mistake made by many employees or passers-by within the workplace. It is essential that managers have the correct labelling, signage and covers to ensure that this doesn’t happen.


  1. The spill kit chosen is not appropriate with the type of spill.

The spill kit chosen must be compatible with the type of hazardous substances that are being used on site. There are different types of spill kit options.

Our extensive range available means you will have the freedom to choose the type (chemical, maintenance, or oil) and size (buckets, wheeled bins, containers, or bags) that is suited to your individual requirements.


  1. Not enough absorbency volume in your spill kit.

The size of your spill kit matters! The wrong size can have catastrophic affects to your employees.  Your chosen spill kit should be able to manage the volume of your worst-case scenario spill. This necessitates an assessment of the potential for spills at your site and the development of contingency plans. You will not be able to contain and clean up a spill if your spill kit cannot absorb the right amount of liquid.

This can prove expensive as an oil spill or leak can move fast, causing damage to equipment, the environment, animals, and humans.

If you have the correct size spill kit for the liquids you store, you will be effectively spill prepared.


  1. PPE may not be compatible.

If you have a spill kit with PPE, you are probably assuming that the PPE will function with the same sort of liquid as the absorbents in the spill kit, right? This is not necessarily the case; therefore it is essential that appropriate PPE in your spill kit is tailored to the type of hazardous substances being used within your workplace.

Hyde Park Environment offers a wide range of PPE equipment appropriate to your type of substances.


  1. Inadequate stock inside the spill kit

Finally, you may have the correct spill kit to suit your needs, but if stock is insufficient, it is futile. This could cause harm to the environment and have disastrous consequences if stock is not monitored.

At Hyde Park Environmental, we are providing hassle-free shopping to our customers, by offering a refill option. Check out our website where you can simply reorder your necessary items at a click of a button.


7 Steps to spill response.

  1. Assess
  2. Protect
  3. Contain
  4. Identify
  5. Evaluate
  6. Decontaminate
  7. Report

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Our spill kits are designed to provide you with everything you need in the event of an emergency spill, ensuring quick response to any spill situation. Each spill kit is packed with our high-quality HUG absorbent products, including pads, socks, absorbent pillows, and even disposable bags for safe disposal of soiled absorbents.

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