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The HUG Flexi Sump is a 2 piece product designed to provide on-site spill and leak containment for medium sized plant equipment and machinery. The removable inner mat is uniquely designed to absorb and lock in hydrocarbon spills, whilst the perforated flexible tray provides housing of the mat and allows rainwater to drain away. Both items are lightweight, user-friendly and can be used in all weather conditions. Rainwater simply runs through the unit, whilst any oil or fuel remain trapped inside the highly absorbent laminate layers of the liner. The tray side walls are flexible allowing plant and machinery to be wheeled into place easily. The top layer of the Flexi Sump is made from a tough durable plastic mesh, allowing the unit to deal with the most rigorous tasks.

Technical Specification
Dimensions 500 x685mm
Absorbency Litres 4